Cold plasma technology application in organic waste water treatment

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High voltage pulse discharge in water can lead to physical and chemical effect. The physical effect can generate shock wave and UV-light. Chemistry effect mainly contributes to the formation of active substances. This technology to deal with waste water can combine high energy electro, UV-light and ozone together with comprehensive function which is a kind of advanced technology that can integrate high energy electron radiation, ozone oxidation, and ultraviolet light decomposition. It can enhance the processing effects, and is especially suitable for textile wastewater treatment.


Purification mechanism:

(1)high energy electron-nucleus interactions

Firstly, liquid water can be ionized and excitated to generate ions, inspired molecular and secondary electron in a very short time. Then, it can form substance with high reaction ability.

H2O-→·OH+eaq+·H+ H2O2+H3O·+H2

The following reaction to generate free oxygen, ozone and ·OH free radicals.



(2)Ozone oxidation

Ozone can generate oxidizing reaction under water, its oxidizing path is either direct oxidation of VOCS or the oxidizing effect of OH on VOCS.

OH can easily attack the high density electron cloud of organic molecules, and form addition reaction on carbon double bond of organic molecular, removing a hydrogen of organic molecules to create R · free radicals. R. free can be further oxidized to ROO · free radicals by dissolved oxygen in water. Then it can produce a series of reaction, making the water pollutants oxidized and decomposed. Finally, the degradation products are carbon dioxide and water.

(3)UV decomposition

The principle of Ultraviolet light is the harmful molecules can absorb photons into excited state and excited state molecules return to ground state by absorbing energy, making its molecular bond rupture and generating the corresponding free radicals or ion. These free radicals or ion can easily react with dissolved oxygen or water molecule to generate new material which can be removed.

By combining UV with ozone, ozone under the irradiation of ultraviolet light react with H2O to create OH, which in either oxidation ability and or oxidation rate, is far more than the effects achieved by ultraviolet or ozone decomposition used alone.

At present this technology has been used successfully in the laboratory stage.

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