Qualification Honors

【Source:】 2016.02.01

■ Acquired many authorized patents with some new patents under declaring

■ Acquired many software copyrights with some new items under declaring

■ Successfully developed XTD DQ1、XTD DQ2、XTD CQ and XTD ZQ products

■ Formulate plasma water gas treatment company standard and technology specification

■ Acquired General contracting qualification certificate of environmental pollution treatment

■ Acquired special environmental protection design qualification certificate

■ Awarded third prize in the fourth china innovation & entrepreneurship competition(Anhui region)

■ Awarded third prize in Hefei-Hong Kong innovation & entrepreneurship competition

■ Technology is recommended by “ five hundreds” project of Anhui municipal committee

■ Technology is recommended Anhui Province Environmental Protection Authority, Hefei environmental protection agency and environmental protection industry association

■ Many projects were selected in Anhui key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project

■ Identified as the Hefei municipal innovative companies

■ Evaluated as share ownership, stock appreciation right pioneer enterprise of Hefei

■ Evaluated as share ownership, stock appreciation right pioneer enterprise of Hefei, gain Anhui youth entrepreneurship technology run-up to borrow money and angel fund.

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